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Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Every building needs a foundation. Every process needs a blue print and a formula. When I started Rapture Image, I knew I had to build my business on a strong foundation of morals in order to be sustainable and successful. I made the decision to become a Christian after had been raised an Episcopalian, finding my own experience and relationship with Jesus was an impacting moment in my life and affected my approach to anything I directly attached myself too. From there I knew that anything I attached my name to had to reflect my beliefs. With this choice I had to give up some projects, yes, but I believe having any type of ethical values has helped me gain so much more. To be able to SERVE companies, I believe that we must be trustworthy, honest and loyal. So, there are pros and cons with this mixture but if your foundation is strong and it’s what you believe in, in your heart then there will be no unrest about any decision.

For a resource that I use in this field, there is an awesome business networking group in Greenwich, CT, based on faith business. Check them out to really explore deeper in this issue:

Greenwich Leadership Forum


Friday, January 11th, 2013

This site took some time to build but I love when I get to tell my story with my design. Although I do find myself using the expression, “I am the shoe maker who’s kid’s have no shoes.”

Here is a look behind the scenes of how I made my new website…


When designing anything I first need inspiration. This can come from the outside world: other businesses, artwork, a movie, architecture, etc. But, to get inspiration from the direct thing that I am creating, I go to my two favorite sources:



From there, I gather my favorites and combine it with the look and feel that I am going for. I also sketch out almost every design I do on paper. This is mostly for layout and content placement.



I know how important video is on a website these days and I encourage all of my clients to use some type of video. At first I was going to create a “meet the owner” video, but I figured a visitor would rather see what I can do other than meet me. So, I created a Demo Reel, I used one of my favorite tools, Camtasia Studio to record screen shots of a lot of websites I’ve done.

I mixed up the video with a song I thought was pretty cool to set the mood… Here is the full version:


I love WordPress. I have worked with Joomla, Drupal, strait HTML, custom CMSs and I have decided that WordPress is my best friend! For this site, just like my others, I have created a custom theme that fits well with the WordPress backend. I added a couple plugins like Askimet (spam blocker) and Google Analytics (measure traffic). I also added the smooth sliding page navigation so when you choose a page from the top nav bar it takes you to that area on the site. The nav bar also never leaves the top of the website, this is a very trendy thing that can be found on a lot of site, including Facebook. Just making things easier!



With WordPress being a blogging website, I have finally pushed myself to blog more, so with that, STAY TUNED!



Friday, January 11th, 2013

Coming February 18th…


How to use Google’s Suite of Services for your business and website.



  • Gmail for your Business Email
  • Calendar to embed on your website for scheduling & events
  • Drive for your company cloud



Friday, January 11th, 2013

List of my favorite websites design and functionality in mind.

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