This site took some time to build but I love when I get to tell my story with my design. Although I do find myself using the expression, “I am the shoe maker who’s kid’s have no shoes.”

Here is a look behind the scenes of how I made my new website…


When designing anything I first need inspiration. This can come from the outside world: other businesses, artwork, a movie, architecture, etc. But, to get inspiration from the direct thing that I am creating, I go to my two favorite sources:



From there, I gather my favorites and combine it with the look and feel that I am going for. I also sketch out almost every design I do on paper. This is mostly for layout and content placement.



I know how important video is on a website these days and I encourage all of my clients to use some type of video. At first I was going to create a “meet the owner” video, but I figured a visitor would rather see what I can do other than meet me. So, I created a Demo Reel, I used one of my favorite tools, Camtasia Studio┬áto record screen shots of a lot of websites I’ve done.

I mixed up the video with a song I thought was pretty cool to set the mood… Here is the full version:


I love WordPress. I have worked with Joomla, Drupal, strait HTML, custom CMSs and I have decided that WordPress is my best friend! For this site, just like my others, I have created a custom theme that fits well with the WordPress backend. I added a couple plugins like Askimet (spam blocker) and Google Analytics (measure traffic). I also added the smooth sliding page navigation so when you choose a page from the top nav bar it takes you to that area on the site. The nav bar also never leaves the top of the website, this is a very trendy thing that can be found on a lot of site, including Facebook. Just making things easier!



With WordPress being a blogging website, I have finally pushed myself to blog more, so with that, STAY TUNED!


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